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TIPS: Parenting During Hurricane Season/Preparations

Hurricane season can be a scary time. It can also be difficult keeping it together for both you and your little ones. Keep in mind these few pointers when preparing for a hurricane.

  1. Stay Calm: If you are anxious, fearful, or panicking, so will your children. It is okay to be scared, but remember to try to stay as calm as possible. Share with your children that you are also scared, but you all are prepared. Share with them the family plan, such as: emergency plan, where supplies are, and some of the experiences they may have during the hurricane.

  2. Create the emergency family plan together: Let them know about the process. Make sure they know important information (phone numbers, names of family members, locations of important places). If they are too young to remember all of this information, keep it written down in a water proof package that they keep on them (Ziploc bag, waterproof container).

  3. Let the children help: Find age appropriate activities they can participate in that will keep them busy. Such as putting batteries in the flashlights, grabbing items to pack, etc. Make sure they also have their own bag of belongings and at least one item for comfort (teddy bear, blanket, etc.).

  4. Keep them busy: Make sure they have non-electronic activities to engage in. Things like coloring books, board games, puzzles, workbooks, books for reading, etc.

  5. Prepare them for what will happen outside and inside during the hurricane: Make sure that they know about the sounds that will inside and out, that the electricity may go out, sound of the wind, flying debris, etc.

Just remember to answer any of their questions. Let them participate in the planning phase so they are aware of everything that is going on. If there are any emergencies please call 911!

They can also check National Geographic to learn more about hurricanes.

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