Counseling addresses your mental health needs. Counseling can be provided to you in an individual, couple, or family format. What best suits your needs is up to you. Counseling is short-term.

Psychotherapy addresses your mental health needs. Psychotherapy is usually provided in an individual format. Depending on the issue and it's affects, you may want to participate in a family or group format. 


Corporate services are for both employers and employees. Through our corporate services we provide one-on-one or group consultations to address stresses from the work environment or learning how to develop a better team.


Online therapy services are great for the professional on the run, the parent who needs in home services, or the client who is not near one of our office locations.

Life coaching assists individuals who have a dream, but do not know how to utilize their strengths and abilities to achieve that goal. Call us for a consultation and we can help you.


Group therapy is for the person who can benefit from a communal environment to discuss their issues and learn from their peers.


Co-parenting is about developing a parenting style that focuses on your children and keeps both parents on the same page. Co-parenting can be for the divorced parents, separated parents, and any set of two caregivers who are providing care for a child and just don't agree.

In our parenting classes, we utilized the Nurturing Parenting Program, which is an evidenced based program. It is designed to assist parents with learning about how to foster the healthy growth and development of their child while utilizing a no-spanking approach.