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Holistic Mental Health Services

Holistic Mental Health Services is a full service counseling and coaching organization. Counseling services are provided via video conferencing to meet your busy schedule. Our goal is to provide you with confidential and quality services in a nurturing and safe environment.  Schedule your first appointment today and experience the difference!

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Services Offered

Insurances Accepted

Insurances are accepted ONLY for Counseling services by a Licensed Psychotherapist. 


Contact us directly for Coaching and Workshop Services


Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Spiritual counseling and coaching are holistic practices that focus on guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of their inner selves, connecting with their spiritual essence, and fostering personal growth and well-being. These processes involve exploring one's beliefs, values, and purpose, while providing tailored guidance and tools to navigate life's challenges and align mind, body, and spirit.

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