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Why is this taking so long??

I would say one of the most common questions I get during an initial session is, "How long is this going to take?". I do not mind it. In fact it gives me an opportunity to assess your comfort level with therapy. How long your process takes, is completely up to the work we do together. That also means that during times when we are not in session, you will have mini practice sessions of skills and techniques to use during your everyday life.

What are the components that usually increase efficacy...

1. Consistency: consistency on attending appointments, consistency in completing your mini

practice sessions, consistency in your communication, consistency..., consistency...,


2. Support: If you know where to look, YOU HAVE a support system. Sometimes that support system does not come in the form of family or people for that matter. Just identify your support system and USE IT!

3. Openness: At some point in time everyone has felt vulnerable being open and honest. During the process of counseling you can only get closer to your goal if you are honest with yourself and share it with your counselor. The insight you gain is the foundation towards your well being.

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