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Balance in Life

While talking to a friend the other day, she mentioned how guilty she feels about "pampering" herself. We spent over an hour talking about the absurd idea of feeling guilty for caring for youself. It reminded me of a radio show I listened to about the topic of Balancing Life, Love, and Your Career by The Female Perspective (see video below)/

A lot of times we find ourselves giving to others but not to ourselves. In sessions with client I try to create a visual. I say to them:

Let's pretend that you are a bucket of water, and the other person being a seed you're

trying to grow. Well, part of what that seed needs for healthy growth and development

is water. So, everyday you take a cup of water out of the bucket and pour over the seed and soil. Over the course of many weeks you never take the time to refill the bucket of water. It comes a point in time where that bucket is empty and there is nothing left in it.

So, how does that make you feel? In my response, it would be EMPTY. That's where those low energy days happen. Those days when you do not want to go out of bed. Those days where you just do not feel like yourself. Self-care is SO important. Not only so that you are at 100% to take care of others, but also so you can be at 100% to enjoy yourself. You WANT to be happy. You WANT to enjoy life. You WANT to be in the present moment.

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