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Signs of Depression

Depression is a common occurrence, affecting approximately 15.4 million Americans according to (NIMH). There are signs for depression that require you to seek assistance from a professional in addressing your symptoms. Look for 5 or more of the following symptoms that have been occurring for the past two weeks.

  1. Sleep: Have you been experiencing difficulty sleeping? Difficulty with sleep can include

  • Insomnia: not sleeping enough

  • Hypersomnia: sleeping too much

  • Early Waking

  • Problems falling to sleep

  • Waking frequently through the night

  1. Interest: Have you noticed that you have lost interest in previously enjoyed activities?

  2. Guilt: Are you having feelings of worthlessness, remorse, regret, or guilt?

  3. Energy: Do you feel fatigued throughout the day?

  4. Concentration: Are you having difficulty staying focused, completing tasks from start to finish, or retaining information?

  5. Appetite: Do you find yourself eating too much or too little? Do you find yourself binge eating or eating to find comfort?

  6. Psychomotor: Have you noticed that you are moving slower than usual? Or, are you constantly on the go?

  7. Suicide: Have you been experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or thinking "the world would be better without me?

If you find yourself experiencing 5 or more of these symptoms contact a mental health professional to help you get back to YOUR "normal".

Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

Listen to the video below for more information about the symptoms of depression.

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