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Help me! Someone I know has a mental illness

What do we do when someone close to us is facing difficulties with their mental wellness? How can you be a source of support? How can you maintain your mental wellness while assisting them?

It is okay if you feel anxious on taking on such a role. Whether you know it or not, your friendship and support means more to them than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes all it can take is a helping hand that can mean the difference between suicide and seeking help. Of course, with the support from you, make sure your loved one seeks professional assistance to meet their needs.

  1. Do something: Do something to help them

  2. Don't try to fix them

  3. Share your experiences with consistent communication

  4. Express your emotions by crying together if needed

  5. Enjoy the happy moments as well

  6. Know your limits: Ask for help when needed

  7. Self-Care

  8. The label is not everything

  9. Be Honest

  10. Boundaries are important: If you make the intention to stay in that individual's life

  11. Do NOT compare: Just because you might "know" or "heard of" someone who handled it differently, do not compare your friend/family member to someone else. You do not know what they may be going through. The grass is not greener on the other side because it may just be painted that color while it is rotting.

  12. There are times when we find ourselves as the support person for someone who may be facing difficulties with their mental wellness. Make sure and take time for you to also engage in self-care to be a better support system.

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