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Depression: More Common than you Think

There has been a steady rise within my private practice of individuals expressing depressive states. Most people believe that depression is a constant feeling. But, in my experience clinically and current research, depression seems to have an ebb and flow to it. It is as though some days you feel "normal", in a decent mood, and able to handle the movements of daily life. Then there are those other days...those days where you feel down in the dumps. Sometimes it can last for one day... or days.

Depressive feelings can be triggered by a number of things. Some of these triggers can include: 1. Changes in season 2. Anniversaries of experienced loss or tragic events 3. Adjusting to new life events 4. The culmination of ignored little stressors that eventually become overwhelming

The biggest question of all is, "How do I combat these low lows?" There are a number of techniques and strategies that you can use to combat those bouts of depression. Through research, mental health professionals have been able to identify the most effective techniques. 1. Challenging Thinking: Sometimes when we automatically refer to the negative thinking it can block us from identifying solutions. 2. Addressing past experiences in an effort to accept events and move on 3. Emotion regulation: Utilizing different skills to assist you with controlling your lows. 4. Medication Management: Sometimes there may be an actual chemical imbalance which is affecting how your brain regulates hormones/chemicals that must be supplemented with psychotropic medications.

It is not uncommon to feel alone when you are depressed. The best thing you can do is reach out to someone.

This article is not to be used as treatment. Please consult a mental health professional if you are feeling depressed or experiencing any other emotional or behavioral symptoms you are having

difficulty coping with.

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